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January 15, 2018 Politics

Babis Feathers Ruffled - Claims Stork Nest Fraud Case is Scheme

Babis Feathers Ruffled - Claims Stork Nest Fraud Case is Scheme - Czech Points

The European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) is not independent, according to the Prime Minister and the President of the ANO Movement Andrey Babiš, and his cause of the Stork Nest is politicized in both the Czech Republic and Brussels. In today’s TV show Prima, he suggested what he would argue on Tuesday morning at a press conference he summoned shortly before the mandate and immune committee talked about his release for prosecution. Again, he repeated that he had not done anything, it was a case of order and a sprout that damaged his family.

According to Babiš, the Stork Nest is the result of one exiled official and the deputy of the KDU-CSL Tomas Zdechovsky. He recalled that 1150 people were blamed in the Czech Republic last year for compensation of 80 million crowns. He also indirectly compared himself to Euro-Commissioner Věra Jourová, who spent ten years ago in custody for more than a month. Then her prosecution was stopped, with the fact that the act she was accused of did not happen.

 The case of Babis holds his opponents in space to get rid of him. In the event that he would have to leave the position of the prime minister, he could come across as in Poland, where former Justice and Justice (PiS) ruling party is behind former Jaroslaw Kaczyński’s former prime minister and leader. “The Prime Minister will be (former Deputy Prime Minister Richard) Brabec and I will do Kaczynski,” he said in exaggeration that he did not want it to be.

OLAF, in the conclusions of the Stork Nest Investigation Report, writes about a suspicion of a violation of both Czech and national law. It states that false and incomplete information was provided when applying for a grant. The process of the farm could therefore be considered a fraud.

The report has been reported to Babis lawyers in recent days as part of the investigation file. For a 50-million-dollar subsidy at the Stork Nest, the Czech police accused the prime minister of fraud, and his wife Monica and her brother and other people, including Jaroslav Faltýn (ANO), are also prosecuted. However, the criminal proceedings in Babis and Falthyn are interrupted, since both after the October elections again received parliamentary immunity.

Babiš and Faltýnek, on Tuesday morning, shortly after the premiere announcement of a press conference to the Chamber of Deputies and the Mandate and Immunity Committee to bring their case to a close. On Wednesday, MPs should vote on Babiš’s confidence in the one-color government.

The Stork Nest, then under the name ZZN AGRO Pelhřimov, was at the turn of 2007 and 2008 to Babis Agrofert. In December 2007, it was transformed into a joint stock company with shares on the owner. The sole shareholder was ZZN Pelhřimov. However, according to the investigators, there was no economic or business reason to change. Due to the change, it was not possible to trace the owner of the company, who thus obtained a 50-million-euro European subsidy in the SME program. After several years of adherence to the grant, the company returned to Agrofert.