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Babis calls on Trump to fight coronavirus the 'Czech Way'

Babis calls on Trump to fight coronavirus the 'Czech Way' - Czech Points

Prime Minister Andrej Babis on Twitter urged US President Donald Trump to follow the Czech Republic’s lead by making the wearing of face masks in public mandatory.

The Prime Minister said he sent a video calling on people to wear masks to most European presidents and prime ministers.

Babis wrote to Trump to try to solve the problem with coronavirus the ‘Czech way.’ He states that wearing a face mask reduces the spread of the virus by 80 percent and that the Czech Republic has made it mandatory for its citizens to wear them in public.

He also sent him a video shot under the slogan Masks4All (masks for all) explaining the reasons for masking his face. The video encourages everyone to spread it to other countries where people do not use masks despite the pandemic. Later, the Czech Prime Minister congratulated the authors of the video for their work and stated that he had sent it to “most prime ministers and presidents of Europe.”

For example, Jurečka reacted to Babiš’s message, according to which Babiš makes fun of people. “Two weeks ago, he publicly claimed that masks were unnecessary, that he would not protect, then he wondered if someone was sewing masks here, and now this? Former Minister of Health Svatopluk Nemecek noted that the Czech Republic is not in a position to advise others.

The requirement for people to cover their faces in public has been in place for over a week. Some politicians and institutions have begun to encourage people to wear masks, if possible. Because of their lack, they recommended at least cover their face with a scarf or scarf. Because masks were hard to find, people started sewing them on their own.

According to experts, the face mask does not protect the wearer itself. Still, it will help spread the infection from the infected to its surroundings. That is why people promote the wearing of face masks under the motto “my face mask protects you, your face mask protects me.”