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Pavel Burian

June 3, 2020 Politics

Antisemitism on the rise in the Czech Republic: Report

The Federation of Jewish Communities (FZO) recorded about 700 cases of antisemitism last year, twice as many as a year earlier. About 95 percent were found on the Internet – articles, social media posts, anonymous comments, and discussion posts. FŽO says in its annual report.

“The dominant platform with the highest incidence of antisemitism in the Czech Republic remains the Internet,” said FŽO. A quarter of cases were published on disinformation websites, which, according to the federation, represent a significant space for the spread of anti-Jewish contributions. 

In anti-Semitic posts, people spoke especially falsely, vulgarly, or stereotypically about Jews. 

According to the FŽO, the Czech Republic can still be perceived last year as a safe country for the Jewish community, especially in comparison with other states in Central and Western Europe. However, according to the organization, it is necessary to closely monitor the manifestations of antisemitism on the Internet.