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December 7, 2017 Politics

ANO at Odds with Babis Over Ties to KSCM and SPD

ANO at Odds with Babis Over Ties to KSCM and SPD - Czech Points

It will be terrible if ANO cooperates with KSCM and the SPD in the Chamber of Deputies, MEPs Petr Ježek (ANO) and Pavel Telička (former ANO member) told MEPs. They sharply criticized the growth of the power of both parties and the holding of presidential seats of several key committees in the Chamber of Deputies. MEP Ms. Dita Charanzova and Martina Dlabay demand that the new government promote a clear pro-European program.

“I do not think it’s good for ANO to work with communists and extremists. I find it terrible, “he told Pravo Ježek.

The situation in the Chamber of Deputies in which, for example, MEP Radek Koten from the  SPD occupied the post of chairman of the Security Committee, and the Communists claimed for Zdeněk Ondráček , who, as a police officer against the protesters in 1989, claimed the post of GIBS commission chief , does not like Ježek. “I do not like it when I read the news from home, so it’s just about moments and communists. If someone is riding, they are Communists and extremists. And it seems to me almost unbelievable 28 years after November, “he told Pravo.

Choosing Kotena at the head of the Security Committee a few days ago wrote on his Twitter: “To have such a puppet run by the Security Committee of the House, it was probably not here! The saying, to make the goat a gardener ‘has reached its peak today. ”

Yanukovych’s chairman, Yanukovych Andrey Babiš , asked, in the open letter, not to cooperate with the SPD and the KSCM. After the election, he set up a platform of views of ANO to strive for the pro-European direction of the party.

Due to differences of opinion, the ANO movement broke out before the Telicka elections . He was the leader of the euro-candidate in 2014. He is ANO Vice-President of the European Parliament .

“I personally consider any continuation and deepening of cooperation with the SPD and KSČM very unfortunate. Strengthening the influence of entities that are extremist and have no relevant agenda, their program contains lies and are de facto at the limit of legal norms, it is unfortunate, “he said. “It is the responsibility of the ANO movement towards society and its voters and further development in the Czech Republic. I have some limits for which I do not want to slip, “he added.

Yet, at the ANO movement, Telička does not want to put it: “I do not want to fit into a group of politicians who left somewhere, and the first thing they did was to start sewing the subject.”

Dlabajová with Charanzovou were milder and just told that the information from the Czech parliament have only indirect. “For me, it is essential for the future government to implement the YO program, not the SPD or the Communists, whom I do not recognize. The future government must have a clear pro-European program, which will also answer the possible questions about the Czech Republic’s direction, “wrote Prava Charanzová .

Similarly, Dlabaje expressed herself. “ANO went to elections with a clear pro-European program that will be implemented in the future government and which, I believe, will also indicate the direction of our action within the EU. This is essential for me at this moment, “she told Law.

MEPs for the ANO differ in opinion with some YO officials and in the opinion of the future head of state. For example, the chairman of the club of deputies Jaroslav Faltýnek and the future minister of defense Karel Šlechtová support Miloš Zeman , Ježek and Dlažajová are strongly against him.

“I congratulate Slovak colleagues on MEPs. He looks forward to his president, his speech and lunch with him. I’m looking forward to seeing myself, too, “Dlabay wrote recently on Twitter.

Hedgehog once again said that Zeman divides society, deflects it from the democratic direction and tries to get the Czech Republic to China and Russia. He also criticized Zeman’s post-election statement that he could have Babis’s cabinet ruled for a long time without trust.