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February 24, 2018 Politics

Andrej Babis's Not Interested In Compromise

Andrej Babis's Not Interested In Compromise - Czech Points

Let’s try for a moment to forget that Andrej Babiš is currently being prosecuted by police. Let’s also ignore the fact that he collaborated with the StB. Even if we dismiss these conflicts of interest, the question of whether Andrej Babis can obtain support for his minority government remains complicated. Does the head of the ANO even care if he obtains support for his government?

The Social Democrats have begun talks with ANO to form a government. So far they do not know how to move forward, but they are willing to try. However, Babiš responds by refusing any cooperation. First, the CSSD assures that it would never give this party the ministries it had in the previous government because everything is wrong. Then he mentions that the Social Democrats will not offer anything at all (see the interview at Wednesday’s MF Dnes). And then, like his CSSD negotiator, Milos Zeman adds that the Social Democrats should simply support his one-color government. Because Babis is the best choice.

It is possible that the Social Democrats will opt for some form of cooperation with ANO. However, it is clear from Andrei Babis’ actions that he will continue to do whatever he wants. He is not ready to compromise because he believes what he wants is best for everyone – whoever opposes his agenda, opposes what is right.

The prospects are dismal. There are two possible scenarios. Either Andrej Babiš finds support for his government and we are stuck for years with an arrogant, corrupt prime minister – in addition, if he cooperates with CSSD, he will need votes from KSČM. Or, we will be mired in a political crisis, perhaps even after possible early elections, a government without confidence, because Andrej Babiš will not accept anything less than the role of Prime Minister. The other parties (according to opinion polls) are much weaker than the ANO.

We will see how Social Democrats navigate talks with the ANO. Their approach appears to be one of wait and see.

Source: Respekt