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July 22, 2020 Celebrity

Actor Miloš Nesvadba dead at 95

Actor Miloš Nesvadba dead at 95 - Czech Points

Miloš Nesvadba, a long-time member of the National Theater drama, died today at the age of 95 and was also known as an artist and film actor. Miloš Nesvadba started on the first Czech stage at the age of twenty. He played dozens of roles at the National Theater.

Nesvadba also played for years as “Mr. Painter” in children’s television shows.

At the age of twenty, Nesvadba started in the Studio of the National Theater with director Jindřich Honzl. In 1948 he switched to the National Theater. His domain was comic roles, in which he benefited from strong facial expressions, a sense of detail, and exaggeration. He has appeared on film in more than 30 films, mostly in small roles. Viewers can probably remember him the most in the part of the Prince of the Earth setting the sun in Bořivoj Zeman’s fairy tale The Proud Princess from the 1950s. He also occasionally appeared in television series and productions.